Knitting Therapy – Why Knitting Is Good For You!

by Mano Chitra

Are you bored of doing the same leisure activity daily?! Are you looking for anything interesting, and therapeutic in nature? Here you go with a unique activity called “Knitting” by which you can involve yourself in the continuous process of interlinking the loop series of yarn or wool to bring fabric. It’s quite natural to adapt to these kinds of hobbies you should have more patience to do it. In past, knitting was fully made by hand and it was more effective and valuable than you think. These are a kind of good and organic type of hobby, especially for women who’re caught up indoors. 

Knitting is not easier than what you may see in the images or the saying from the elders. A line depicts: “Never underestimate an old woman with Knitting skills.” They used to make handmade sweaters, socks, t-shirts, etc. In classical times, every woman indulges themself in an activity to get rid of boredom. At present, these are modernized through technologies and machinery. With the help of the machines, you can knit long, strong, and quality knitted products like pillows, scarves, woolen hats, trendy skirts, and so on. 

Is Knitting A Therapy?

All have an opinion that knitting is a hobby but it’s not only a free-time action and has also been modified as a therapeutic one in recent days. Researchers say that knitting is not only for occupational therapy and as an art form to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, etc. It needs more concentration and diligence; the repetitive movement of knitting is generally harmonized with meditation. You may come across this famous quote: “Daily meditation is a healthy exercise”. Likely, knitting is a also way of organizing your thought and action into a single art form.

Is Knitting Good For You?

Knitting is a simple yet intricate process that needs attention and focus. Between your everyday work and stress try this knitting for half an hour daily, and keeps the stress away. But be careful, or you might find yourself addicted to the hottest new trend in the craft. Knitting offers a breakout for the mind while regulating the hands with something to do. When we asked knitters around the world why they love knitting, many said they enjoyed how it is both calming and productive. Other knitters loved the joy of creating something from nothing, sharing something with a loved one, and the warm fuzzy feeling it gives them. The beauty of knitting is that every journey is unique.

Healthy Benefits of Knitting

Knowingly or unknowingly, knitting provides you with healthy and life-changing benefits while you perform the act. Here are some of the listicles to show you how indirectly favor you.

  • Promotes mobility and dexterity in the hands
  • Improves blood pressure and lowers the heart rate
  • Reduces depression and anxiety
  • Distraction from chronic pain
  • Lessen loneliness and isolation
  • Promotes social connection
  • Shoots up your confidence level.
Just start a new hobby and it’s the perfect activity for travel and you can take it with you anywhere. Moreover, it is a unique gift for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, vacation days, and for any festive season. You can engage hours through this exciting process and when finished you'll have a grand masterpiece in your hand. For more interesting and creative collections, check out