About Us

Let us take you back to 2013 when Miranda Smith took a summer trip to visit her grandmother in Germany.  On her trip to the beautiful country she managed to spend a lot of quality time with her family that was overseas and managed to appreciate the beauty in all the little things in life.   She also learned that Germany is known to be a global leader in crafts and textiles. This country produces high quality yards that come in rich and vibrant colours with various different textures, and this could've been observed all throughout the country. As her trip went on, Miranda made it her mission to sit with her grandmother for the rest of her time that she had left in her vacation and learn the craft of knitting, this helped to teach her patience and perseverance.  

Miranda was so incredibly passionate about this beautiful craft that when she returned from Germany she decided to look into different ways that she can share her love for knitting and inspire others to see the beauty in this type of artwork.  This leads her to open up Original Knitting, which helps people like you and I to create beautiful knitted canvasses and pillows without needing to be a professional knitter.  

Now anyone can be a crocheter with the Original Knitting kit. This special form of art has introduced various themes for every taste and occasion. Original Knitting kit includes everything you need to create a beautiful work of art achieving the subtle tones to make your artwork look realistic. It's also an excellent choice for a leisure activity.

If you have any questions, concerns, thoughts or simply wish to talk with us, please reach out! We’re always happy to help and we want to know what you think! Don’t be shy and send us an email, we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as we can!

Email: info@originalknitting.com