The Benefits of Knitting

by Amar Gandhi

Are you looking for a new hobby but not sure which one to take on? Well no need to keep searching because we have the perfect one for you!  Knitting is a piece of craft that is simple to learn, offers many benefits, and above all it is just fun to do!  There are thousands and millions of people around the world who knit are constantly creating amazing pieces of art!  In this blog post we are here to convince you guys why knitting is a hobby everyone should take on.  The benefits we will discuss, will have you running to pick up your favourite yarn and knitting needles so that you can start on your very own knitting journey!  

Mental Health Benefits

Knitting is a great way to relax and help alleviate all the stress, anxiety, and depression that you may be experiencing at the moment!  After a long stressful day at work, grabbing your yarn and knitting needles and repetitive motion will help you to feel much more relaxed and later enjoy a peaceful good night’s sleep! Knitting is also said to be a great form of distraction and helps you to encourage working on a task that is productive and incredibly easy to do! The rhythmic motions and sitting still while you knit, will help reduce your heart rate and lower your blood pressure.  This will ultimately help to keep all the mental stress and anxiety as low as possible!  

Physical Health Benefits

Apart from the mental health benefits that knitting brings, it is also important to note how incredibly beneficial this craft is for your physical body! Knitting is proven to help prevent and treat diseases such as arthritis and tendinitis.  Keeping your joints and fingers as healthy as your mind are equally as important.  Take up knitting as a hobby and the repetitive motions will have you constantly exercising your fingers without causing an excessive amount of strain. If you already have arthritis or other joint issues, do not let that discourage you from knitting!  Health professionals recommend that you should soak your hands in warm water then pick up your knitting needles.  This will help you knit more efficiently and with ease! 

Improve Motor Skills

Motor skills are basically your body’s ability to successfully process and predict movement.  Your motor skills can be improved by partaking in repetitive tasks such as swimming, walking, going up and down the stairs and also knitting.  Knitting helps activate all parts of the brain simultaneously and even helps treat patients suffering from diseases such as Parkinson’s.  Knitting will help you to activate your wrist and finger movement, this will result in an excellent sense of motor coordination and help you develop basic functional skills.  

Helps You to Create Some Awesome Things!

Knitting will help you to boost your confidence and provide you with a sense of purpose. This hobby is incredibly productive as you are creating some amazing pieces of work.  You can show off your new scarf or hat that you knitted with pride to a friend or family member and watch them stare at your creation in awe!  The pieces that you create will also make phenomenal present ideas! There is just something so much more valuable about a present that you took the time to create and gift.  Those personal presents such as an item that you knitted or crocheted, will be coming from your heart and show the other person how much you really care about them.   Overall, when you can physically hold your final product in your hand, it feels so surreal that you can't help but feel proud and confident with what you just accomplished! 

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